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An avid reader, learning everything interesting, helping businesses enhance their presence on the web. A techie person, knows about things which are familiar, cares about people. Loves fiction of any kind, hate newspapers at the same time, most of the time speaking with computers, and sometimes having tea with awesome folks. Close admirers of the passing winds, and their shapes, loves to write about different faces morphing in the frames. Tech enthusiast, and unapologetic thinker, grown up to be a jack of many trades. The day is dying . Searching for next thing to explore?

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Some Of My Works

Media Manager
For CodeIgniter.

Simple Media Manager!

powered by Jquery/Ajax and PHP.
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Laravel Simple Blogging

Blogging Application!

Laravel Powered simple blogging app.
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Jquery Nepali
Calander Plugin.

Jquery Nepali Calander Plugin!

Jquery plugin, under development.
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About This Blog

In this blog, I commit random tech tutorials whenever I have time to write about something I've done/experienced that might help others, and sometimes I put random writing stuffs like poems and short stories. Much of here and there but writing is the only way to represent myself. . Beside this blog, you can find myself writing at Quora, Three Minute Story and Poetry.

Ah! I can't forget, Thank You so Much!.

I Love Writing, Wanna Read?

My Poems & Stories.

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Of Flames & Frames.
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Random Writings At Quora.
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I love the word "Hello!"

Talking with computer has been a purpose of day, but wouldn't it be so good if you could say "hello". So feel free to contact me any time.

Hit me Email : vaghawan781[@]gmail.com